Marketplace PM for February 8, 2006

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The FDA and ADD

Senator Chuck Grassley is charging that the Food and Drug Administration isn't regulating prescription drugs for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD). His remarks come as two FDA advisory panels prepare to meet to discuss ADD drugs. Helen Palmer has the story.
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Univision sale?

Spanish-language TV network Univision may be for sale. Many corporate suitors could be interested, including Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. and Time Warner. Jeff Tyler reports.

The Secret Millionaire's Club

Warren Buffett has teamed up with a British company to create an animated series called "The Secret Millionaire's Club" to teach children how to invest their money. Storylines will include corporate raiders, crooked politicians, and corrupt accountants. Curt Nickish takes a look.
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Demo conference

There's a conference in Phoenix where the future's on display. It's called "Demo," and high-tech start-ups are showing off their products to an audience of venture capitalists. Cheryl Glaser speaks to Fortune Magazine's Adam Lashinsky about the conference.
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The battle over the Northwest passage

The Northwest passage through the Canadian Arctic has long been a perilous route for shipping. But global warming is melting the Arctic ice, and the shortcut between Europe and Asia may become passable in summers. But who owns the lane? Canada says it's theirs; the US says it's an international waterway. Steve McNally reports on the big thaw and its consequences for US-Canadian relations.
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Capitalism, not corporate welfare

The phrase "American competitiveness" is buzzing around after President Bush's State of the Union speech last week. What does the US need to do to remain competitive in the global economy? President Bush said plenty, but commentator Robert Reich sees contradictions between the content of his speech... and the content of his budget.
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Army green

Most people think that the term "green army" refers to the colors of a soldier's fatigues. Surely the US Army isn't interested in Eco-Friendly green. Not true. The Army's making a mission out of preserving the environment. As Alex Cohen reports from the Sustainability Desk, they get to save the planet and some money.

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