Marketplace PM for February 8, 2005

Episode Description 

Deficit hawk

Commentator and former Bush advisor Glenn Hubbard critiques the President's Social Security plan.

Class Action Bill

Days after it was unveiled, the President's budget is getting parsed and dissected. But as the budget battle heats up, so does the legislative fight over class action lawsuits. Marketplace's Scott Tong lays out the battle lines of this year's first piece of tort reform.

Wisconsin Quarter

Coin collectors have found a second version of the Wisconsin quarter. The Treasury insists it's a mistake, but as Marketplace's Matthew Algeo reports, errors like this actually add to the popularity of the new coins.

Splenda vs. sugar

The makers of the sweetener Splenda took the sugar industry to court today. The makers of Splenda say their product has been the target of false and misleading claims. Marketplace's Bob Moon reports.

Private Iraqi Banking

Iraq's central bank can now open a deposit with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. U.S. Treasury Under Secretary John Taylor made the announcement this morning, giving the new government even further legitimacy on the international stage. From Baghdad, Marketplace's Borzou Daragahi reports on the growth of the country's banking system.


David Brown dips into the mailbag and listeners read their thoughts on the air.

Mardi Gras beads

Before throwing beads around this Mardi Gras, revelers could do well to stop and think about where those beads came from. Any guesses? Marketplace's Jeff Tyler has one hint: pretty much everything you buy nowadays seems to be made there.

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