Marketplace PM for February 3, 2005

Episode Description 

Another mega-merger

Preliminary merger talks are said to be ongoing between MCI and Qwest, in an effort to match the scale of last week's SBC-AT&T tie-up. Marketplace's Matthew Algeo explores what telecom mergers mean for consumers.

Monopoly games ...

That same SBC Communications and AT&T merger will create the largest telecom operator in this country. SBC is the big dog in the deal -- but what will happen to AT&T's venerable brand name? Marketplace's Cheryl Glaser reports.

Doing business in Iran

In his State of the Union speech, the President explicitly warned Iran about its nuclear programs. Now American companies, like General Electric and Halliburton, are exiting en masse. Marketplace's Jeff Tyler reports.

Honesty, and the hospital

Most non-profit hospitals have tax-exempt status because they've pledged to provide health care for all those in need. Julie Reynolds and Michael Montgomery of American RadioWorks report that some think the hospitals are taking advantage of the government.

The puck stops here

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and NHL players' association executive director Bob Goodenow will rejoin contract talks today, after the union rejected the latest league proposal. Marketplace's Tess Vigeland looks at how the strike is affecting an individual hockey town -- and the city's hockey fans.

Social Security - More analysis from Chris Farrell

Last nite, when the President said he welcomes ideas on Social Security, that sounded like he hadn't settled on a plan. Not so fast. Jonathan Weisman is Economic Policy Writer for the Washington Post. Have more questions about the President's Social Security plan? Marketplace's money expert, Chris Farrell, answers a few. Click on the question below for Chris's response.

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