Marketplace PM for February 24, 2006

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Flonase injunction

A federal judge in Maryland has granted Glaxo Smith Kline's request for an injunction. The British company wants to stop sales of a generic version of its best-selling allergy drug Flonase. Generic drug makers want a piece of the $1.2 billion dollars Flonase brings in each year. And they say Big Pharma's using hard-ball tactics to shut them out. Helen Palmer reports from the Health Desk at WGBH.
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Papa don't preach (about the election)

The Internal Revenue Service has been looking at political activity by churches and charities. The tax man says there's some illegal politicking going on, and that could cost non-profits their tax-exempt status. From Washington, Marketplace's Hilary Wicai reports.

Northwest negotiations drag on

A bankruptcy judge today gave unions and management at Northwest Airlines until Wednesday to settle their differences. The two sides have been deep in contract negotiations for months. If they can't reach a deal the judge could let Northwest throw out its contracts with both pilots and flight attendants. Marketplace Business Editor Cheryl Glaser reports.

Olympic logos

You pay $4 billion dollars to sponsor the Olympics, you'd think you could put your corporate logo wherever you darn well want. The truth is, it's a bit more complicated than that. The IOC and the Turin organizing committee have been keeping a close eye on what logos go where. The person who takes care of that is Cecilia Gandini.
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The Week on Wall Street

Time for our regular end of week check-in with stock broker David Johnson.
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Governors rising

Remember back when President Clinton was going to reform healthcare? Or just a year ago, when President Bush wanted to fix Social Security? It's tough for even the president to get the federal bureaucracy to do anything. Writer and commentator Adrian Wooldridge says this weekend there are some other people we should watch.

Happy National Engineer's Week!

It's National Engineers Week. It was started by the National Society of Engineers back in 1951 to encourage kids to get into the profession. In Boston, the Museum of Science is celebrating Engineers Week with design workshops for kids. We sent Marketplace's Sean Cole there to check it out.

Judge delays Blackberry decision

Federal judge James Spencer punted today. He could have shut down Blackberry sales and service outright. Instead, he said he'll decide what to do soon. And then he let fly with a stern talking to. The case never should have wound up in court, he said. It's too important. Marketplace's Lisa Napoli explains.