Marketplace PM for February 21, 2006

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Port insecurity

Controversy is heating up over an Arab company's plan to take over some US port operations, under a deal approved last week by the Bush Administration. Critics, including Republicans, say the deal could compromise national security. Amy Scott reports.

One-stop shopping

Wal-Mart reported record profits today, with earnings climbing 13% last quarter. A lot of the credit goes to the discounter's grocery business, and as Cheryl Glaser explains, other retailers have been taking notice.

Antiquities and iniquities

Today, New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art signed a deal with Italy. The Met will return allegedly looted antiquities to Italy in exchange for long-term loans of other artifacts. But as Lisa Napoli reports, the deal may open a big can of worms.
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Renewable energy requires renewable money

The president continued his 3-state alternative energy tour with a stop at the nation's premier renewable energy lab near Denver, Colorado. But with a history of inconsistent funding, the lab has struggled to stay on track. From the Sustainability Desk, Sam Eaton reports.

Enron extraditions

Three British bankers will be extradited to the United States to face charges relating to Enron's collapse. The ruling highlights concerns about the way white collar suspects are extradited to the US. From London, Stephen Beard reports.
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"The Merchant of Power"

The Enron case has a lot in common with another high-profile bankruptcy in the power business, but this one took place place more than 70 years ago. Its central character, Sam Insull, is the subject of John Wasik's biography "The Merchant of Power."

No room at the inn

Six months after Hurricane Katrina blew through New Orleans, many hotels are just getting back in business. Sure, rooms are booked for Mardi Gras. But unfortunately for New Orleans, this year's scarcity of lodgings isn't due to excess demand from well-heeled tourists. John Dimsdale reports.

All that glitters is... endorsements

Writer and commentator Sandra Tsing-Loh laces up her skates on the way to competing for endorsement gold.

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