Marketplace PM for February 15, 2005

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Americans don't mind shoddy goods

How long have you had your DVD player? Perhaps you've replaced it with one that has a few more bells and whistles. Or maybe the original started playing up and buying another seemed easier than getting it fixed. Many products today are a lot slicker than they used to be; they do a lot more. But the flip side is, they don't seem to stand the test of time too well. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Commentary: Kyoto preview

The U.S. says it's spending $6 billion on strategies to address climate change. But it isn't participating in the Kyoto Protocol. The protocol, signed by 141 nations, goes into effect tomorrow. It aims to limit carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases blamed for a rise in global temperatures. Commentator and writer Mark Hertsgaard says the world has waited too long to act.

The Ohio Patriot Plan

Today, another state joined a growing list of states trying to rescue soldiers from financial ruin. Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.

Settlement / Outpost distinction

As the Israeli government plans to shut down settlements in Gaza, new ones are being established in the West Bank. Nancy Updike reports from Israel.

Saving Star Trek

The television network UPN cancelled the latest installment of the Star Trek franchise -- Enterprise. But the show's legion of famous fans have started a fundraising drive to keep it running. Host David Brown talks to Roger Nygard, director of the documentary Trekkies.

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