Marketplace PM for December 9, 2005

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Alltel goes all-cell

Alltel announced it will spin off its traditional local-phone-service division and reposition itself as a purely wireless carrier. Bob Moon reports.

Soy vey

Kellogg will begin making some products with a new, healthier soybean oil, trying to stay one step ahead of new federal rules for nutrition labels. But they could be inviting problems of a different kind. Bill Poorman reports.

Saudi Arabia -- meet the world

This weekend, Saudi Arabia joins the World Trade Organization. Membership could bring some big changes to one of the most insular and devout countries in the Middle East. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

The Gospel of Prosperity

Today, crowds will pack theatres to watch Disney's "Narnia Chronicles" and marvel at the dazzling special effects. The real marvel, says writer/commentator Adrian Wooldridge, is the reconciliation between Disney and Christian America.

David Johnson is cold

They're not used to nippy temps down in Dallas, and as David Johnson told Kai, it's wreaking havoc and driving up natural gas heating bills... but none of it is enough to fully thaw out the market.
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The underground of weather

From the Sustainability Desk, Alex Cohen reports on one idea for curbing global warming that just might work... with a little help from the government.

The veritas about vino

Been to any wine tastings? We found ourselves wondering -- does anyone actually buy wine at these things, or are they just an excuse to sip fancy vintages on the cheap? We sent Cash Peters to find out.

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