Marketplace PM for December 7, 2004

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Wine without borders

The Supreme Court heard arguments today about whether wineries will be able to sell directly to consumers in all 50 states. It pits two amendments of the constitution against one another - and two powerful lobbies in the $21 billion wine business. Host David Brown speaks to US News reporter Betsy Streisand about the case.

"Send in the ... contractors?"

Order is collapsing and violence is increasing in Sudan, pushing the country to the brink of chaos. The United Nations issued that warning last night for the country's Darfur region, where more than one point six million people have been driven from their homes by civil war. U.S. troops won't be going in to help anytime soon. But Washington is sending over private military contractors. As Eric Niiler reports, this reflects an important shift.
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Host David Brown rummages through the mailbag and finds out what's on listeners' minds. Trust us on this - you don't want to miss it!

A most expensive resting place

An announcement today from the Egyptian government: 20 more gilded mummies have been found at an oasis in Western Egypt. 214 others have been discovered in the region. Guess that's why they call it the 'Valley of the Gilded Mummies'. Five bronze coins were found with the mummies, payment for the trip to the afterlife. Nowadays, you pay up front. From upstate New York, North Country Public Radio's Brian Mann reports on a final resting place that'll set you back a million and a half dollars.

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