Marketplace PM for December 30, 2005

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Who left the Windows open?

Microsoft is scrambling to fix a flaw in Windows which reportedly leaves users vulnerable to spyware, viruses and other bad things. Microsoft will put out a software patch -- they're just not sure when. John Dimsdale reports.

We made more. Or less. More or less...

2005 was a record year for financial restatements by public companies. Cheryl Glaser explains why.
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Copper supplies

Copper miners in Chile are on strike. But copper prices are actually going down - because China has huge stockpiles of the metal. Dan Grech has more.
Posted In: Canada

A tough roe to hoe

Caviar prices have been skyrocketing since the US banned imports from the Black and Caspian seas in October. The ban created a boom for American caviar, and unexpected trouble for Midwestern roe fishermen. Mhari Saito reports.
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Japan resurgent

Japan's Nikkei index closed the day, and the year, at more than 100 points above 16,000 -- its biggest annual gain in two decades. And it was private investment, not government money, that pushed the economy. Jocelyn Ford reports.

David Johnson's year in review

Host Tess Vigeland checks in with Dallas stockbroker David Johnson about the year on Wall Street, and the mythological Santa Claus Rally.
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Suggested resolutions for Washington

It's the time of the year for New Year's Resolutions. Economist and commentator Steve Moore has been thinking of some resolutions the government should make.

Tijuana gets a makeover

Tijuana, Mexico, reaches a kind of party pinnacle on New Year's Eve. The town elders aren't so thrilled about having their city seen this way. As Jordana Gustafson reports, they've been working on a mariachi-style makeover.
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