Marketplace PM for December 29, 2004

Episode Description 

China and the quota system

A big change in trade takes place this week. Marketplace host David Brown talks to Harvard professor David Weil about the impending expiration of major textile quotas. Will China dominate in the coming years?

Look who is selling to China?

The U.S. is unhappy with new deals between the European Union and China. Because of renewed weapons deals between the EU and China, the U.S. is concerned about American troops protecting Taiwan, as Marketplace's Stephen Beard reports.

2004 - The year in health

David Brown talks to Health correspondent Helen Palmer about the year that was in the health care industry, paying special attention to the troubles in the drug business. A lot of bad news ...

Where have all the miners gone?

Coal mining is having a hard time finding new people to work in the industry. And current employees are getting older. From Pittsburgh, Mark Nootbaar reports on recruiting efforts to get Generation X in the mineshaft.

Back at work so soon?

Most Americans are back at work this week, between holidays. Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich questions why Americans have a workweek between Christmas and New Year's.

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