Marketplace PM for December 28, 2005

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Causey and effect

Enron's top accountant pleaded guilty to fraud charges today. His plea means he'll testify against former Enron heads Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay. Host Kai Ryssdal speaks to the New York Times' Kurt Eichenwald about the case.

Money for nothing

A new report out says that American companies are increasingly avoiding prosecution for corporate crimes. John Dimsdale has the story.

Taking stock

If you've got stock options, there's a chance your company may be vesting them before year's end. As Scott Tong reports, there's an options rush due to changes in the law that are about to take place.

Galileo orbits earth

The Europeans launched a satellite today, and embarked on their boldest venture in space. Their mission: to challenge America's monopoly over satellite navigation. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

Fueling frustration in Iraq

Prices at the gas pump are coming down here in the US, but now it's the Iraqis who are howling. Gas used to be cheaper than water in Iraq, but the government just raised the price between 700 and 900%. From Baghdad, Ben Gilbert reports.

A new measure of prosperity?

The monthly numbers for consumer confidence came out today, and Americans are feeling a little better about things as the year comes to a close. But commentator Robert Reich says we may be a little over-confident.
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Bringing home the bacon

The wild pig population is growing -- at least 31 states now report feral pigs, and many states are overrun. So for game enthusiasts looking for a big hunt, pigs are a good way to go. Reporter Nancy Mullane reports.

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