Marketplace PM for December 22, 2005

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Striking out?

Three days into a city-wide transit strike in New York, contract negotiations resumed and workers agreed to go back on the job. But how much have they really gained? Amy Scott reports.

The hybridization of America

If you want a hybrid car, you probably have to be willing to wait a while, and pay more money. But now Honda, and the federal government, want to help you out. Bill Poorman reports.

The Debacle at Delphi

This week, auto parts maker Delphi said it would try to reach a compromise with the union on its bankruptcy restructuring plan. Whatever happens, the future looks bleak for the suppliers of parts to the struggling Big Three. Alisa Roth reports.

Healthcare at auction

Turns out you can buy everything on eBay - including pacemakers and other medical devices. But as Kai Ryssdal discovers from Washington Post reporter Alec Klein, not everything on eBay is safe for hospital patients.
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You're a mean one, Mr. Greenspan...

Kai warned his kids the other night that Santa might not come if they didn't settle down. This is what economists call a 'non-credible threat.' Economist Tim Harford says parents and governments both need to get tough.
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Rebels without a Claus

Rico Gagliano attended SantaCon last weekend, and got to know a group of drunken revellers who are determined to revive the grand tradition of holiday hooliganism.