Marketplace PM for December 2, 2005

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Everything's coming up roses?

President Bush held a press conference in the Rose Garden to tout the news: The economy's back. Employers created 220,000 new jobs in November, and consumer confidence is up. Of course, Alan Greenspan noted, so is the deficit. John Dimsdale reports.

Oh, great: Vaccine knockoffs

China's long been criticized for allowing the sale of pirated goods --from music and DVDs to handbags and designer clothing. Now add to that list... Bird flu vaccine. Helen Palmer reports from the Health Desk at WGBH.
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All we want for Christmas... a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. Of course, it costs $4 million. A year ago, $2 million seemed like a good price. What's up? Well, as Bob Moon reports, Tuesday the NYSE votes on its merger with Archipelago.
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Congressmen behaving badly

As details of lobbyist Jack Abramoff's dealings with lawmakers keep coming out of Washington, polls show people are sick and tired of Congressional shell games. Commentator and Washington Post columnist Jeff Birnbaum reflects.
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Santa Claus, Goldilocks, and...

...Alan Greenspan as a Tasmanian Devil? It's always a colorful cast of characters when Dallas stockbroker David Johnson checks in. He chatted today with Tess Vigeland about the state of the financial world.
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Songhua River blues

Today the head of China's environmental protection administration resigned, three weeks after a chemical plant explosion in that country sent toxic benzene into the Songhua River. Beijing Bureau Chief Jocelyn Ford reports.
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Random acts of security

Today the Transportation Security Administration announced details of security changes at airports. What will these changes mean for the way the TSA spends its budget? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

The last resorts

Starwood Capital Group recently bought ski resort Mammoth Mountain in the Eastern Sierras for a record $365 million. The LA Times' Louis Sahagan says it's indicative of interesting times for the industry.
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What goes around, comes around

There may be no must-have toy this holiday season, as high-tech electronics are all the rage. But a decidedly low-tech toy is making a comeback. As reporter Apryl Lundsten tells us, it's gone from retro to metro.

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