Marketplace PM for August 4, 2005

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Hot enough for ya?

At Marketplace, we're all about the numbers. And the numbers we're seeing in this heat wave are impressive — especially the ones showing all the power being used on the east coast. Hillary Wicai reports.

Helping us help China

Commentator Glenn Hubbard says that's why we need to find a way to help China's economy keep growing. Hubbard is dean of Columbia Business School and the former head of President Bush's Council of Economic Advisors.

Stranger in Tokyo

The size of Japan's workforce is expected to peak — and start falling — within the next 2 years. But many it's not easy being gaijin in Japan. Shia Levitt reports.
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Harrah's big hurrah

Fresh off a $9 billion acquisition of fellow high-roller Caesars, Harrah's is compiling the industry's biggest database of information on gamblers. How big? Andrew Park finds out.

More more more NASCAR

NASCAR races draw 200,000 people. Does the sport need more media attention? They think so. Diana Nyad talks to host Kai Ryssdal about NASCAR's plans for a news network.

Taking a whack at small business

Some Los Angeles mom-and-pop stores selling party supplies are facing heat from bigtime lawyers. Their piñatas, you might say, are taking a beating. Andrea Gardner reports.

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