Marketplace PM for August 3, 2005

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Time Warner's painful divorce from AOL

It was, and still is, the biggest corporate merger ever. Investors have seen the company's share price fall 82% since the deal was done. Today Time Warner said it'll pay $2.4 billion to settle a class action suit over those losses. Alisa Roth reports.

Reading the fine print

Not all of us have the patience to slog through corporate reports to get to the really interesting stuff. But Michelle Leder does, and host Kai Ryssdal asks her about what she's found.

Monkeying around with the family business

News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch's sonquit the family business last week. Commentator Richard Conniff says the family feud is 100 percent natural — and completely out of place in a public company.

Steroid problems that outlated a nation

Sports officials in East Germany were some of the pioneers of steroid use. Now, the athletes who hauled in dozens of medals are paying an unwanted price. From Berlin, Kyle James reports.

Door-to-door drug delivery

Why we take the drugs we take can seem sort of black and white: Illegal drugs are bad, legal ones are good. But not all illegal drugs are bad. And the way we get the legal ones isn't always good. We followed a guy on the southside of Chicago who sells the drugs people need for their health.

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