Marketplace PM for August 15, 2005

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Vioxx trial enters final phase

Drugmaker Merck and its now-withdrawn painkiller Vioxx are on trial in Angleton, Texas. There, 59-year-old Robert Ernst took Vioxx for 8 months before he died; his wife has sued. Richard Stewart has been following the trial for the Houston Chronicle.

Heading into — and out of — Gaza

After 38 years, Israel has begun pulling out of the Gaza strip. Soldiers have been handing out eviction notices to Jewish settlers all day: the deadline to move out — or be moved — is Wednesday. Some Palestinians have already started celebrating; they're hoping for an economic boost to add to their political win. Irris Makler reports.
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A mother of a martini

In this edition of the Loh Down, Sandra Tsing Loh is looking for mileage out of motherhood in her a marketing alliance with a vodka maker.

No Eden for Gardenburger

Some times it's tough to be the smart kid with the new idea — take the one-time stock market darling Gardenburger. The company said today it sold $12 million in vegetarian goods last quarter. That's a far cry from the almost $100 million it cleared annually in the mid '90s. Ethan Lindsey reports.