Marketplace PM for August 11, 2005

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How do you know what you need?

There was a line in Pfizer's press release this morning that bears mentioning. The president of Pfizer US Pharmaceuticals Pat Kelly said, in part: We want consumers to be aware of serious medical conditions. Host Kai Ryssdal asks Trudy Lieberman about how this awareness/demand cycle works — she's written about it in the August issue of the Columbia Journalism Review.

Alibaba and Yahoo

So, does the Alibaba deal really make sense for Yahoo? Well, part of the answer lies in what sense Yahoo makes of itself, says commentator and writer Andreas Kluth, San Francisco bureau chief of <a href="">The Economist Magazine.</a>

All eyes on Hugo Chavez

Venezuela's president says foreign oil firms have stiffed his country for about $3 billion in taxes. Marketplace's Americas correspondent Dan Grech reports the tighter controls reflect shifts in Venezuela's foreign policy that have oil companies &mdash; and Washington &mdash; paying attention.

A job that's a treasure?

On the face of it, it sounds like a pretty good job: Wine and dine with big-time collectors, travel the world, pull down a salary in the low- to mid-six figures. Plus see great art every day at the office. So why is it that so many prestigious art museums having a hard time filling their top jobs? Joel Rose from WHYY reports.

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