Marketplace for October 21, 2011

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Listen to the latest episode of Marketplace with Host Kai Rysdall. Today on the program: The future of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. and more headlines from Wall Street and Main Street.

Scotland's governing party urges split from U.K.

The Scottish National Party is holding its annual conference. It wants Scotland to be politically and economically independent of the U.K.

EPA announces plans to regulate "fracking"

The natural gas drilling technique has usher in a market revolution with controversial environmental consequences.

Will new ACO regulations help with health care costs?

Reporter Gregory Warner discusses the new health care regulations that will change how doctors and hospitals get paid.
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Wal-Mart announces cutbacks on employee health care

It's going to stop offering health insurance to any new hires who work less than 24 hours a week and up the premiums for full-time employees.
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Weekly Wrap: Greece and Obama's jobs plan

Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street. This week: more aid for Greece, and the roadblocks for the president's jobs act.
Posted In: Wall Street

Want to drive a NYC taxi? It could cost you $1 million

This final note today. Taxicabs are a regular sight along New York City's busy streets. But you can't drive one without a taxi medallion, an alum...
Posted In: taxi, New York City

A 'letter' to Goldman shareholders

Commentator and humorist Andy Borowitz imagines correspondence from the offices of Goldman Sachs.

News Corp. on the grill

Rupert Murdoch faces shareholders at today's annual meeting in Los Angeles
Posted In: Law

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