Marketplace for October 15, 2010

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Marketplace for October 15, 2010

Weekly Wrap: Wall Street and the Fed

Kai Ryssdal speaks to Leigh Gallagher from Fortune Magazine and Felix Salmon from Reuters about Ben Bernanke's latest statement and what's going down on Wall Street.
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Cutting down on cash-for-gold

As the price of gold soars, gold-for-cash stores are popping up everywhere, trying to take advantage. But they may not be around for long. Tony Arnold reports from Chicago.
Posted In: Investing

Second year in a row, social security benefits stay level

The Social Security Administration announced Friday that benefits will not rise next year because of low inflation. What are the next steps? John Dimsdale reports.
Posted In: Retirement

Why does the Fed want to raise inflation?

Ben Bernanke has indicated that the Federal Reserve is ready to pump more money into the economy in order to keep interest rates low and deal with unemployment. That also means inflation will rise. What will be the impact?
Posted In: Economy

Protest with tongue in cheek, one corporation at a time

What do the New York Times, Dow Chemical and George W. Bush have in common? They've all been targets of the Yes Men, a duo dedicated to sticking it to the man through elaborate hoaxes. Who could be their next victim? Yes Man Mike Bonanno stops by the Marketplace studio.
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How should the U.S. use its gold?

Gold is quickly becoming the go-to investment as the U.S. dollar loses its value. But what should we do with it? Kai Ryssdal chats with James Picerno from The Atlantic magazine about the valuable commodity.
Posted In: Banks, Investing

Going "green" can be cutting jobs

Hotels around the country are urging their customers to "make a green choice" and opt out of daily housekeeping for their rooms. But cutting back on water and electricity might also be cutting back on something else: jobs. Sean Cole reports.
Posted In: Environment, Jobs, Travel

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