Marketplace for Monday, March 10, 2008

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The cost of spinning sand into gold

Ambition might be Dubai's most obvious attribute, but there is a deep environmental cost of its building frenzy. There aren't enough natural resources to back it up. Sam Eaton reports.

Will Dubai be just for the 'haves'?

Six Flags, Busch Gardens and Sea World are planning to build amusement parks in Dubai. If all that reminds you of a certain American city also built in the desert, well, join the club, says commentator and Arab media producer Jamal Dajani.

Book club's ex-pats tell Dubai story

There's a women's only, ex-pat book club that gets together in Dubai the first Wednesday of every month. Its members are from Turkey, Yemen, Spain, Venezuela and Afghanistan. They say they'd like to get to know more locals. But that, and other things in Dubai, are hard.

It all began along a creek in the desert

Kai Ryssdal introduces Marketplace's week in Dubai -- a city that wants to be the most influential place in the Middle East, the hub for everything in this world that can be bought, made or traded.

The real Emiratis

There are about 1.7 million people in Dubai. Most of them are foreigners, imported to drive its growth. Best estimates are that only 15% of the population is native-born, and that ratio could fall even lower. Stephen Beard introduces us to Dubai's vanishing breed -- the real Emiratis.

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