Marketplace for Friday, September 24, 2010

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Marketplace for Friday, September 24, 2010

Local and organic through foraging

One Los Angeles chef decided to take organic and local to another level by having customers bring fruits and vegetables from their backyards to put in the restaurants dishes. The county intervened, but the restaurant figured out a way to get its customers involved with the menu again.
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The world economy with less rare earth minerals

Bob Moon talks to Marketplace's Scott Tong about China's withholding of rare earth minerals -- essential ingredients in hybrid car batteries and many tech gadgets -- and what restricted export may mean for the world economy.

Weekly Wrap: Small businesses

Bob Moon talks to financial reporter Heidi Moore and Reuters blogger Felix Salmon about the Small Business Jobs Act and the Republicans' "Pledge to America."
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Employment this holiday season

Bob Moon talks to Susan Blood and Kevin Toohey of Nova Natural Toys and Crafts in Vermont about seasonal job opportunities for this year's holiday season.
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The future of NBC Universal sans Zucker

Once the deal between NBC Universal and Comcast closes, Jeff Zucker will be leaving his post as the TV network and cable giant. So what does this mean for NBC?
Posted In: Entertainment, Mergers and Acquisitions

Brazil, the next big oil giant?

Brazilian oil company Petrobras announced a record-breaking stock offering. Some analysts expect tremendous growth from the country, but some are concerned that partial government ownership of the company may make the company less profitable.
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Will future of tax cuts be determined in a Congressional lame duck session?

Congress is calling a session before the November elections. Senators have been avoiding controversial issues in this pre-election season, but they may determine whether Bush-era tax cuts stay or go in the lame duck session.
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