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With the deadline for sign ups looming 72 hours away, we look at how administrators are preparing: If the rush of customers is a coming flood, what are the Obamacare sandbags and where are they being deployed? Lead bullets are on their way out. Fourteen states have banned them, the military is phasing them out, and on Dec. 1, the EPA is shutting down a bullet-producing lead smelter. But hunters say a shift to copper will make bullets more expensive and less effective, and even could raise copper prices. Finally, today’s glance at third-quarter GDP numbers are good. The country is growing at a rate of more than 4 percent. But unemployment is still high, wages are still not growing, and while companies are thriving and sitting on piles of cash, Americans, for the most part, are not. 

Pennsylvania court: Towns can restrict fracking

Pennsylvania's Supreme Court has tossed out a big part of a law that would have allowed gas companies drilling wells to ignore local restrictions.
Posted In: fracking, natural gas

The stock market is not the economy! OK, what about GDP?

Today's revised GDP number says the country is growing. But what about the people in it?
Posted In: GDP, die hard, Unemployment

Forget last-minute gift shopping: What about last-minute ACA sign-ups?

With the deadline for sign-ups looming, we look at how administrators are preparing.
Posted In: ACA, Obamacare, health insurance

In Redlands, Calif., when life gives you oranges...

The city of Redlands, Calif., boomed with the orange business. And even though many of the groves are gone, some hope oranges will still play a big role in the city's future.
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