Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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The debate about high speed Internet access and service grows more heated all the time. Susan Crawford, fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, argues big companies are over-charging and under-serving us, and that it's up to the government to step in and regulate a better way. She's even got a book on the topic. The reviews of that book on offered a new and strange chapter in the debate this week. And Dutch and English researchers found that Hondas, Volkswagons and Fiats have a technical problem that could lead to easy car thefts. But thanks to a court ruling in England, their research may never be presented to the public.  

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Police can your track cellphone's location, but you knew that already...didn't you?

If police want to track your movements using old calls you made on your cellphone, they can get the information from your cellphone company without a warrant.
Posted In: Cellphones, surveillance, data, privacy

Astroturf book reviews and the high-speed Internet debate

Susan Crawford, who argues high costs are to blame to lack of high-speed Internet, is getting some very fishy-looking reviews on her latest book.
Posted In: Internet,, broadband

Why stifling hackers may not be a good thing

A court ruling is blocking researchers from presenting a tech problem that could lead to car thefts.
Posted In: hacking, cars, Honda, Volkswagen

The smartphone killed the camera. Is the GPS unit next?

Garmin and other GPS companies are struggling to sell consumer GPS units in an iPhone world.
Posted In: gps, iPhone, apple, Garmin, smartphone

The Chicago Tribune's kitty exclusive

Don't worry guys, the Internet has no memory, unless there's a kitten involved or something.
Posted In: newspaper, media, news

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