Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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Last week we learned the NSA was trying to weaken encryption online. Now Google has announced it's trying to step up encryption on all its data. But one suggested solution for users trying to avoid surveillance is to operate on an entirely separate network. A so-called mesh network is made of phones and other devices that talk to each other without the help of an Internet service provider.

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Apple announces new hardware at Tuesday's live event

Reports say the company could unveil fingerprint technology.
Posted In: apple, live event, electronics, iPhone

New mockumentary addresses net neutrality

The video produced by net neutrality proponents comes while the FCC and Verizon duke it out in court over the same issue this week.
Posted In: net neutrality, Susan Crawford

The origins of Apple's design philosophy

A generation of designers were lured to Apple because of the way the company approached design. The company will hold a live product event Tuesday.
Posted In: apple, design, product annoucement

An alternative to the Internet?

Worried about NSA surveillance? One option is to operate on an entirely separate network.
Posted In: nsa, surveillance, Internet, privacy, internet security

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