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Google Glass: we know the company plans to have them available this year, and have them cost around $1500, but are these lens-less frames really a technological revolution? Joshua Topolsky, editor and chief of The Verge, talks with David Brancaccio about the experience of wearing them. And, a billboard in Peru that does more than catch the eye -- it catches condensation and turns it into drinking water. 

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Google Glass has the tech specs, but no style

We know Google plans to make its high tech spectacles called Google Glass available this year. The price tag: about $1,500 a pair. But are these lens-less frames really a technological revolution?
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GM's Internet cars: The end of FM radio?

General Motors and AT&T have announced that so-called 'LTE' wireless connections will come as an option in many Chevys, Buicks, Cadillacs, and GMC's next year.
Posted In: GM, Auto, lte, Internet
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