Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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There's a new app that lets you snooze your email alerts. Is that actually useful? 800,000 people say 'yes.' Also, a family questions the circumstances of their son’s death following a job he took to work with a semiconductor that may be of use to both the Chinese and American militaries.

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Gmail fail? Microsoft says it has a new Outlook

Microsoft is launching a $30 million ad campaign today to promote -- a new product meant to compete with Internet-based email systems like Google Inc.’s Gmail.
Posted In: outlook, Microsoft, email, Gmail

American death in Singapore raises questions about espionage, foul play

In a case with possible national security implications for the U.S., an American electronics engineer was found hanged in Singapore last year.
Posted In: China, Tech, Financial Times, huawei

PlayStation 4 release date, price may be revealed

Sony's big event this week could mean gamers can stop waiting for the details about a new PlayStation console.
Posted In: Sony, playstation, video games, xbox

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