Marketplace Tech for Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Lately, it seems like we talk about Moore's law at least once a week on our show. It's the idea that our computing power jumps forward by leaps and bounds every two years -- so fast that soon our computers will be as smart as we are. Kevin Drum is a writer at the magazine Mother Jones. He's just written a long piece about intelligent robots. Drum thinks by the year 2025, they'll be smart enough to take almost all of our jobs. Don't worry though -- he says that's a good thing.

New app lets strangers crowd-source video to get a better view

Ever been at a concert or game and wondered what the view looks like from the front row? There's now an app for that. Krowds helps strangers at public events share unlimited video.
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Your Brain = Lake Michigan

Here's a calculation that might take some time to process. If you were to measure the computing power of the human brain and convert it to fluid ounces, you'd get the volume of of Lake Michigan.
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Why we could all be replaced by robots in the near future

In a recent story for Mother Jones, writer Kevin Drum says by the year 2025 robots will take all of our jobs.
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