Marketplace Tech for Thursday, March 28, 2013

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If you found your Internet surfing coming up empty in recent days, it's possibly part of one of the biggest cyberattacks experts have seen. A non-profit that fights junk email has been getting clobbered for days. Spamhaus had blacklisted a web hosting company in the Netherlands for allegedly helping to spread spam. The Dutch company called Cyberbunker didn't like getting blacklisted and the result is clogging things all around the Internet.

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BlackBerry is back in the black

BlackBerry posted a surprise profit for the quarter today. The Canadian company’s been struggling to stay relevant in the smartphone market but while the news is hopeful, it’s still too early to declare a turnaround.
Posted In: Blackberry, mobile, Cellphones, smart phones

Google Glass to be made in the USA

Made in the USA is coming back into fashion in Silicon Valley. Today, the buzz is that Google is planning to make its long-awaited 'Google Glass' in California.
Posted In: Google, Google Glass, manufacturing, China

Car service app Uber faces driver complaints

Does Uber properly share the bounty with drivers and does it operate in accordance with rules that govern taxis and limos in various cities?
Posted In: app, mobile, transporation, smartphone

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