Marketplace Tech for Thursday, February 7, 2013

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Marketplace Tech talks to the CEO of SmartThings about controlling your house from your smartphone or tablet, hears from a mom about iPad etiquette, and learns more about the FCC’s plan for spectrum.  

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Amazon to launch virtual currency

This week, the retailing giant said it will soon offer its own currency, called the Amazon Coin.
Posted In: Amazon, currency, Tech, bitcoin

Smartphone, sure, but how about a smart-sprinkler?

A company called SmartThings sells kits that let you rig 'dumb', everyday objects up to smartphones and tablet computers.
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iPad home videos: An etiquette lesson

iPad home videos -- what's worth recording, where, and how?
Posted In: iPad, Tech, family tech

FCC Wi-Fi plan: What does free really mean?

Federal regulators may want Wi-Fi Internet connections to get more widespread and powerful, but the government is not giving the service away for free.
Posted In: wifi, fcc, Internet, spectrum

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