Marketplace Tech Report for Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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Gawker staff writer Adrian Chen got himself into a bit of trouble with some internet users recently, for a story he wrote about one of the most well-known internet trolls on the social news website Reddit. The man Chen profiled, called Violentacrez, had launched and moderated some of Reddit's more controversial community-generated forums, also called subreddits. The trouble for Chen was that, before it was even posted, rumors of his article got him and Gawker banned from Reddit. It was arguably an ironic result, since Reddit users and readers tout the site as a place where free speech reigns supreme.

Reddit, Gawker, trolling, and the dangers of online anonymity

Gawker journalist Adrian Chen outed a man known for online "trolling" on the website Reddit and started a discussion about free speech online.
Posted In: Tech, reddit, gawker, freedom of speech, first amendment

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