Marketplace Tech Report for Monday, April 23, 2012

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Maybe it's a bit too easy to say that 2004 was the blog election, 2008 was the social media election, and 2012 is the mobile election. But just because it's easy to say doesn't mean it's not true. The last few years have seen an explosion in smartphones and in tablets (the iPad didn't even exist during the last national election) and the Internet is something that is with us all the time now. Political campaigns know this quite well and are doing their best to harness the power of hyper-connectedness to ensure their candidate a win come Election Day. We look at how they're doing it. Plus, the reinvention of "Frogger."

2012: The mobile web election

Candidates are scrambling to figure out web on-the-go by November. Plus, a new "Frogger."
Posted In: 2012 campaign, 2012 election, mobile, texting, video games, Frogger

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