Marketplace Tech for Monday, September 9, 2013

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We've now learned that the NSA was not only conducting surveillance but also working to undermine the last ten years of encryption online. Documents leaked by Edward Snowden last week suggest the U.S. Government agency has been using both supercomputers and influence with Internet companies to take aim at the tools we use to keep our data private. Whether you're Google or a company that builds encryption tools, you're vulnerable to the NSA.

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Verizon and FCC set to battle over net neutrality

The case could impact our broadband Internet access.
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He's just your normal teenager. Except he's also a cancer researcher.

Jack Andraka is just a teenager. But he's already made revolutionary innovations in cancer detection.
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NSA working to undermine the last ten years of encryption

New information about NSA surveillance activity emerges. Even encrypted data is vulnerable to its data mining.
Posted In: nsa, Edward Snowden, encryption, internet security

Apple launches iPhone trade-in program to shore up sales growth

Apple wants owners to sell their old iPhones back to the company for a discount on a new phone.
Posted In: apple, iPhone, cell phones, mobile

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