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Smartphone apps are released all the time, but here's one that could be a first. It's a new app that asks users to help identify and thus apprehend sexual predators and other criminals. It's built by the Homeland Security Investigations unit within the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. 

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Grand Theft Auto 5 ships to some Amazon customers before release date

The company behind the game is not happy about the break of embargo.
Posted In: video game, grand theft auto, Tech, Amazon, embargo
Advocates say new, online programs offered by prestigious universities will revolutionize higher education both in cyberspace and traditional classrooms.

First there were MOOCs, now come the SPOCs

Small Private Online Courses could change the way brick and mortar classrooms use digital teaching materials.
Posted In: moocs, higher education, online education, college

Want to catch a criminal? There's an app for that.

A new app built by the Homeland Security Investigations unit is designed to catch criminals through crowd sourcing.
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