Marketplace Tech for Monday, October 7, 2013

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In the ever-expanding world of hacking, there is a dictionary. Not a literal book of words and definitions but a list of phrases you have to know. And one of those phrases is Zero Day. It's not a day -- or a cop thriller with Bruce Willis in it -- it’s just a special kind of computer code that can do anything from break into a bank to steal someone's online identity. And Zero Day exploits are getting more and more popular.

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Researchers at MIT have made cube-shaped robots that self assemble by flipping and flopping with the help of magnets.

'Bing it on'? Not so fast...

Microsoft's claim that users prefer its search engine Bing over Google is dubious.
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The billion dollar question behind Twitter's IPO

As Twitter becomes a public company, investors want to know if it has growth potential.
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