Marketplace Tech for Monday, February 4, 2013

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The Internet of things -- what is it and how will it work? John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, gives some answers and says we're closer to classic science fiction novels than we may think. There's a new app on the market that focuses on the need for an instant truth-o-meter for when politicians open their mouths. Meet TruthTeller, from the Washington Post. 

Why Microsoft wants a piece of Dell

As Dell explores going private, Microsoft is an interested investor. It needs computer companies that focus on Windows-powered machines.
Posted In: Microsoft, Dell, Tech, windows

Washington Post Truth Teller app aims to fact check politicians in real-time

A new app from the Washington Post aims to automatically check political speeches for lies, darn lies, and other misrepresentations.
Posted In: app, washington post, politics

Cisco CEO: Get ready for 'the Internet of everything'

Are we moving away from an Internet of webpages and toward an Internet of things, or an Internet of interconnected objects?
Posted In: cisco, Internet, Tech

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