Marketplace Tech for Monday, August 12, 2013

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One of the internet's most famous centers of information, both true and disputed, just finished a big weekend in Hong Kong. Wikipedia, the crowd-sourced internet encyclopedia, just wrapped up its annual Wikimania conference. This year's gathering featured all sorts of discussions, many about the challenges Wikipedia faces, like funding and diversity. The organization is also trying to create a friendlier, more social environment for new contributors. Plus, AOL switches strategies with its hyperlocal Patch site. And, the latest on the NSA and secure email services.

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BlackBerry for sale?

The Canadian smartphone maker considers putting itself up for sale.
Posted In: Blackberry

Wikimania 2013: What's next for Wikipedia?

The online, crowd-sourced encyclopedia is thinking about a more social, inclusive future.
Posted In: Wikipedia, diversity, crowdsourcing

Should you be concerned about the NSA's surveillance programs?

Government surveillance, shifting opinions, and the end of email.
Posted In: surveillance, nsa, online privacy, email

AOL's new hyper-local news plan: A little less local

AOL hoped to create a viable new model for local news, but now it's planning dramatic cuts to Patch sites and staff.
Posted In: aol, tim armstrong, journalism