Marketplace Tech for Monday, April 15, 2013

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Can the IRS look through your email without a warrant -- and does that run contrary to the Fourth Amendment? Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by the ACLU seem to suggest as much, but the IRS has said it doesn't use email to target taxpayers. While millions of Americans pop their returns into the mail today, we look at issues of data, privacy and the law. 

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How easy is it for the IRS to go through your email?

Are you sure there's nothing in your email that would contradict that tax form you are about to sign? Civil liberties advocates are using this tax return deadline to criticize federal law that doesn't see email as all that private.
Posted In: Taxes, IRS, email

Would you rather have a teacher or a computer grade your schoolwork?

EdX, a Harvard-MIT project, will offer essay grading software to colleges free of charge. You might imagine that teachers and professors would embrace the labor saving. But, not all do.
Posted In: Education, higher education, software

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