Marketplace Tech for Friday, September 6, 2013

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Online payment company PayPal has released a new version of its app for Android and Apple's iOS operating systems. The company is hoping it will make a big difference in a tricky area: Mobile e-commerce. And Marketplace Tech reporter Queena Kim joins us to play Silicon Tally.

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Are you caught up with tech news? This week's Silicon Tally

86 percent, 1.63 inches, 30 meters underground, and 30 days: Can you guess what these numbers mean?
Posted In: silicon tally, Tech

PayPal's updated mobile app changes purchasing experience

PayPal hopes their new app change will help bolster the company's mobile e-commerce.
Posted In: paypal, e-commerce, mobile apps, cell phones

Tech-savvy teachers push schools to new teaching apps

A handful of big publishers win school district contracts again and again. But the latest generation of teachers is forcing districts to rethink business as usual.
Posted In: Education, apps, technology, schools

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