Marketplace Tech for Friday, October 25, 2013

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It's time for the Twitter road show -- that thing where the social network company tours the country to get investors pumped up about its initial public offering. The excitement over Twitter has the whole tech industry buzzing, and that could be great news for up-and-coming social media companies.

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Former NSA chief finds out what it's like to be spied on

If you're a former high ranking intelligence official giving an anonymous interview bashing the Obama administration on a train, make sure no one with a Twitter account is in earshot.
Posted In: nsa, Twitter, surveillance

How well do you know the internet? This week's Silicon Tally

$0, $9 billion, over 376,000 versus 613,000 followers, 6 years in prison: Can you guess what these numbers mean?
Posted In: silicon tally

Users booted from Wikipedia over 'sock puppetry' accusations

A look at the practice of "sock puppetry" on Wikipedia, where users maintain multiple accounts to trick other editors.
Posted In: Wikipedia

The Twitter effect: Will Pinterest benefit from the IPO?

If Twitter’s IPO takes off, that will impact how investors view other private social media sites.
Posted In: IPO, roadshow, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat

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