Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, January 15, 2008

'Something in the air' at Apple

Speculation over what will be revealed at this year's Macworld has the tech industry buzzing. Dan Grech reports Apple thrives on this kind of pre-show hype, using talk as part of its market research.
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Voters' common threads in health care

Health care reform is the second largest issue this campaign season, and plans offered by presidential candidates are gaining some approval across party lines. Danielle Karson has more.
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Saudi Arabia pledges court reform

In Saudi Arabia, banks and insurance companies have no rights in court because of the judges' adherence to a strict form of Islam. Kelly McEvers reports King Abdullah has promised billions to reform the courts.
Posted In: Economy

TV watchers go Idol during strike

With not much new on TV during the entertainment writers' strike, viewers may be lured towards the seventh season of American Idol. Lisa Napoli reports Fox's cash cow will likely make more than it did last year.
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EC launches Microsoft investigation

The European Commission has opened a new anti-trust campaign against Microsoft. Two European software makers have the company of blocking users from choosing rival software. Megan Williams has more.
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Morning Commute: London on bike

Marketplace's Geoff Brumfiel is one of a half a million London cyclists who pedal to work in the morning. He gives us the benefits of biking to work -- and details the discomfort of being crammed by a double-decker.
Posted In: Jobs, Travel

Congress split on economic kickstart

Congress is looking for ways to stimulate the economy, but Republicans and Democrats think it could use a kickstart for different reasons. John Dimsdale reports where the sides disagree.
Posted In: Economy

You've got to pay for good taste

A study out suggests people associate the taste of wine with the price on the bottle, and will enjoy the wine more if they think it's expensive. Rose Hoban explores how tasters were tested.

Looking to make a quick U turn

Ford Motor Co. shareholders are hoping CEO Alan Mulally can drive a turnaround that will halt the company's flood of red ink and declining market share. He talks with Kai Ryssdal about the challenges facing the automaker.
Posted In: Auto

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