Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, March 23, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, March 23, 2009

U.N. panel proposes replacing G20

A U.N. advisory panel headed by economist Joseph Stiglitz is proposing a new global economic council to replace the G20. Stiglitz claims the new panel should be more representative for the economic crisis. Christopher Werth reports.

It's a good time for a Nano-priced car

Indian carmaker Tata Motors is launching its Nano today, touted as the world's cheapest car at $2,000. But while the vehicle comes at a time of slow financial growth for India, Raymond Thibodeaux reports it's still a good move economically.
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U.S., Europe disagree on spending

Washington wants Europe to spend more money in its stimulus package, but Europe's Central Bank feels it has done its part to revive the global economy. Christopher Werth reports what European leaders feel they should be focusing on now.

Publishing tries leaping off page

Publishers are looking at ways to get innovative with their products and transition into the technological world. Amanda Aronczyk flips through some ideas that may be circulating today at a publishing expo in New York.

China enthused about toxic purge

Asian markets are taking Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's toxic purge plan as a hopeful move. Bob Moon talks to Marketplace's Scott Tong in Shanghai about why China is feeling optimistic today.

Where the Fed's move matters most

Whether or not the Fed's move to pour another trillion dollars into the economy will help is up to the big traders to decide. But Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan tells Renita Jablonski why the move makes him uneasy.

Cities get creative to balance budgets

U.S. cities are upping fees on everything from bus service to trash collection to find extra cash for their budgets. Detroit, for example, is cracking down on unpaid parking tickets. Caitlan Carroll reports.

Toxic purge helped by private sector

The Obama administration spells out its plan today to purge as much as $1 trillion radioactive bank assets. Marketplace's Jeremy Hobson reports why the White House finds it valuable to involve investors from the private sector.
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Cheaper dinner grown in the backyard

Vegetable gardens are becoming increasingly popular as people want to save money on food in tight times. Several edible landscaping companies have popped up across the country in response to the trend.
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