Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, September 4, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, September 4, 2009

Job losses are bad, but not so bad

The rate of unemployment is at its highest in 26 years. Steve Chiotakis looks for the silver lining with Bill Stone from PNC Wealth Management in Philadelphia.
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U.S. could pull plug on Prius imports

U.S. hybrid technology company Paice filed a patent infringement case yesterday claiming Toyota is using technology Paice invented. If the case rules in favor of Paice, an import ban may be imposed on violating products. Sam Eaton reports.
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Coalition government helps Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's economy is beginning to stabilize as a new coalition government takes root. U.S. lawmakers say they want that government to succeed, and the U.S. openly criticizes President Mugabe and his administration. Gretchen Wilson reports.

FHA is also too big to fail

As mortgage losses get worse so does the shape of the Federal Housing Agency, which has nearly a quarter share of the mortgage market. The agency may soon need a taxpayer bailout to stay in business. Sam Eaton reports.
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G20 takes on bankers' pay

Finance officials from the G20 are meeting in London today to discuss the global economy, with bankers' pay being one particularly biting issue. Bill Radke talks to Andrew Hilton from the Center for the Study of Financial Innovation in London.

Older green workers fear trainee wave

The Labor Department is paying to train people to work in green industries. But some older workers worry the program could put them out of a job. Youth Radio's David Dominguez reports.
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U.S. checking contractor citizenship

Next week, government contractors will have to verify the citizenship of their employees by entering them into a database. But the process comes with its share of costs and complications. John Dimsdale reports.
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Health care top of Congress's list

Congress will reconvene in a few days, with health care, financial regulation and cap-and-trade as top priorities. Steve Chiotakis talks to former Labor Secretary Robert Reich about what President Obama expects to accomplish.
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Benefit checks running out for many

It may take awhile for job numbers to improve, and those without a job already may soon be in more trouble. A new report says 400,000 people who have already lost their jobs could also lose their unemployment benefits by the end of September.
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Stimulus boost will create solar jobs

California solar panel company Solyndra is set to receive over half a billion dollars in stimulus funds, which it plans to use by building a new factory. The project is expected to create as many as 4,000 jobs. Sam Eaton reports.
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