Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, September 19, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, September 19, 2008

Today Lehman's is in bankruptcy court

A bankruptcy judge is expected to sign off on Barclay's bid to buy some of Lehman Brothers assets. Not much will be left of the storied firm after that, but the government will take on the remains. Amy Scott reports.
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Paulson rescue plan is unprecedented

The plan would take on the liquidity crisis by clearing the so-called toxic loans from the balance sheets of troubled financial institutions. Markets worldwide were boosted on the news. Jeremy Hobson has more.
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How investors can protect their money

Host Stacey Vanek-Smith turns to financial expert Greg McBride to get some practical advice for investors on what to do in this tumultuous economic climate. Some key investor issues come up.

Congress looks at unemployment relief

Although there is disagreement in Congress about increasing government spending on infrastructure, there appears to be bi-partisan support to do something for the unemployed. Danielle Karson has more.
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UK stocks up on short-sale ban

UK investors were buoyed not only by news of the U.S. Treasury's plan to set up a new institution for toxic debt, but also by their country's ban on short selling. Megan Williams looks into the turnaround.
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Columnist says ESPN forgets fans

Some ESPN viewers miss the old shows, when the network covered seemingly all sports. But today the network also covers a select schedule of events like hot-dog eating contests. Scott Jagow has more.
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Should government buy toxic debt?

The bailouts so far haven't generated much of a bump on Wall Street, but the proposal for the government to buy and hold $800 billion in "toxic debt" is well-received. Scott Jagow asks an expert what's up.
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