Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, November 19, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, November 19, 2010

Cash-strapped California affecting muni bonds market

Municipal bonds are usually quite popular because they are tax-free. But now that such bonds are coming from risky borrowers like California -- who is billions of dollars in debt -- local governments are beginning to pull the bonds because they're isn't much demand.

Are there other options for airport security?

The TSA's new security system of full-body scans and pat-downs has enraged a number of airline passengers. Authorities are scrambling to find other options.
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How to have a green Thanksgiving

Holidays usually don't provide for the most environmentally-friendly options. But Marketplace's Adriene Hill is offering her tips on how to have a green Thanksgiving without having to compromise your holiday fun.
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Airports are being asked to consider private screeners to replace TSA

With the holidays coming up, it's about to get even busier at the nation's airports. That means long security lines with controversial pat-downs and full body screens. The vast majority of airport screeners are government Transportation Security Administration employees.

Portugal isn't far behind Ireland when it comes to debt problems

President Obama landed in Portugal today. He's there for a scheduled NATO meeting on military matters, but the economy will top the agenda. Investors say Portugal isn't far behind Ireland when it comes to debt problems.

How will we know the Fed's boost helped the economy?

We talk to Jill Schlesinger, editor at large for CBS/Moneywatch about how -- and when -- we will know that the Fed's plan to boost the economy really worked.

CA judge considers dismissing lawsuits against Toyota

In California, a federal judge will consider a motion by Toyota this morning to dismiss hundreds of lawsuits filed against the company regarding the recent recalls. Stacey Vanek-Smith has more.
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Germany says printing more money is a recipe for inflation

Speaking in Germany, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke defends the Fed's measures to boost the economy here in the U.S. Foreign leaders are worried about how their countries will be impacted by the decision to pump another $600 billion into the system. Stephen Beard has more.

Will the deficit cutting proposals work?

Peter Coy with Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine has been digging into the details of the deficit cutting proposals. We have the Simpson-Bowles report, and we have the Bipartisan Policy Center report, but will any of them work, and what are Americans willing to sacrifice?

Europe is "dumbfounded" by Fed's investment decisions

Fed Chairmen Ben Bernanke is in Europe, defending his decision to boost the U.S. economy by investing $600 billion more into government bonds. This decision has received criticism from Europe. Stephen Beard has more.

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