Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, March 26, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, March 26, 2010

Marketplace Minute with Bill Radke 3/26

This week: health care, social security, Google in China, funyuns, and student lending.

Movie theaters take on live simulcasting

For the first time in the U.S., the Ultimate Fighting match will air live in movie theaters. Most cinemas aren't equipped for live simulcasting, but Rico Gagliano reports why that's about to change.
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IMF to get involved in Greek debt

Eurozone countries have agreed on a bailout program for Greece that involves the International Monetary Fund. But the plan doesn't come without controversy. Steve Chiotakis gets the latest from Marketplace's Stephen Beard.

Many health workers from abroad

A study out today shows a large portion of low-skilled health workers who provide care for the elderly and others are immigrants. John Dimsdale explores why immigration law could benefit from new policies on health professionals abroad.
Posted In: Health, Immigration

Bloomberg picks up for Bay-area news

The San Francisco Chronicle is launching a new expanded daily business section starting this weekend, thanks to the help of Bloomberg's Bay-area staff. Experts see this type of move as a growing trend in journalism. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Quebec police: We're not rent-a-cops

To make extra money, Montreal's police force is hiring itself out for commercial services. But with the quality of the duties performed, they say it's unfair to call them "rent-a-cops." Sean Cole reports.
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More gov't help to homes underwater

The government wants to offer voluntary refinancing to borrowers with underwater mortgages, while Bank of America's plan to help homeowners is still ago. Steve Chiotakis gets more details from Marketplace's Brett Neely.
Posted In: Housing

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