Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, December 12, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, December 12, 2008

New rules for foreign farmworkers

The Labor Department's come out with new temporary farmworker regulations. But the rules go into effect four days before the Bush administration leaves office. John Dimsdale tells us what the critics are saying.
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Auto impact not just about Detroit

The Senate's denial of a $14 billion loan package for the auto industry has a global effect. Scott Jagow talks to David Buick with the Cantor Index about the roughly 2 million people employed throughout the industry.
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E.U. leaders finalizing stimulus plan

A $270 billion deal would use investment strategies and tax cuts to bring up Europe's employment numbers and trigger multinational growth. The plan will likely go through despite Germany's reticence. Megan Williams reports.

'Fallout' coming to a TV near you

The potential actors' strike and Jay Leno's move to prime time could have some severe consequences for the entertainment industry. Steve Chiotakis looks at the economic impact of the moves with Daily Variety's Michael Speier.
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Cheap coal bad news for green energy

The price of coal as plummeted since the summer, and analysts predict even cheaper coal prices next year. This makes the commodity a luring alternative to some, and doesn't bode well for green energy. Sarah Gardner reports.

Credit is not the problem in the crisis

A new report from financial services consultant Celent says there's a financial crisis, but access to credit is not the problem. Scott Jagow susses out the claim with the firm's head, Octavio Marenzi.

Buy things at the real store, or else

A new ad campaign encourages consumers to shop at their local real-life stores as opposed to the Internet. The TV spot highlights the consequences for the local market if they don't. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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White House considering auto bailout

With the Senate's failure to approve the $14 billion loan for the auto industry, the White House is considering stepping in with bailout money. Meanwhile, finger pointing over GOP senators' opposition has begun on Capitol Hill. Dan Grech reports.
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