Marketplace AM for September 8, 2005

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Delta makes a move

Yesterday Delta shed some domestic flights and announced it would be selling a few planes. Where exactly is the airline going? Scott Tong reports.

Airfares continuing up?

Airline fares shot up again last week after Hurricane Katrina caused a sharp uptick in the price of jet fuel. Marketplace's Rudy Maxa says this is just the beginning.

Refugees to get some plastic

The government has announced that it will provide $2,000 debit cards to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Is helping that simple? Here's Marketplace's Stacey-Vanek Smith.

Does Katrina signal a career change?

As New Orleans begins its long rebuilding process, small business owners weigh their options. Sam Eaton reports from New Orleans.

Chris Farrell on the impact of Katrina

Energy prices and inflation are two of the big concerns. Finance expert Chris Farrell says one major signpost will be whether the Federal Reserve raises interest rates later this month. he talks to host Scott Jagow.

What now for New Orleans' musicians?

Jazz legend Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans in 1901, and the city's been a center for American music ever since. What's next for musicians who call it home? Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Sports, post-Katrina

Talking about sports after a natural disaster may seem insensitive, or just beside the point. But business of sports commentator David Carter says that's not at all true post-Katrina.

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