Marketplace AM for September 7, 2005

Episode Description 

Taking refugees in

Matching up good samaritans with refugees from Hurricane Katrina is a major undertaking. Marketplace's Bob Moon reports from Houston.

What do you do when gas goes up?

Scott Jagow talks to Gen Giuliano, professor at the University of Southern California's School of Policy, Planning and Development, about consumer responses to rising gas prices.

To czar or not to czar

Early estimates say recovery efforts will cost the federal government are more than $100 billion. Some are calling for a recovery czar to coordinate the massive effort. Scott Tong reports.

Seafood hit by Katrina

Entire industries have been devastated by Hurricane Katrina. One, seafood, was a mainstay of the economies of Louisiana and Mississippi. Rachel Dornhelm reports that those states are feeling the pain.

Supply books, create readers

In his offices in Amherst, Massahusetts, David Mazor has 2,000 textbooks wrapped up and ready to go to schoolkids displaced by Hurricane Katrina. He tells Lisa Napoli that his nonprofit has a thing for libraries.

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