Marketplace AM for October 21, 2004

Episode Description 

Ballot Bucks: The quest for jobs

Time again for Ballot Bucks, our series on the important economic issues being debated by the presidential candidates. Today, Marketplace's Bob Moon looks at what the candidates can and can't do to create new jobs. (Photo: Getty Images)

An oil economy

You don't like high oil prices. I don't like high oil prices. But what about the folks whose economic opinions really matter. Alan Greenspan and his colleagues at the Federal Reserve. Our economist in residence Chris Farrell now with more on the oil economy.

Baseball is on fire

It's one of the greatest comebacks ever in the history of sports. The Boston Red Sox rallied from a three-game deficit to beat the New York Yankees and win the American League Championship last night. Business of sports analyst David Carter says great match-ups like these have helped make it a winning season for Major League Baseball. (Photo: Getty Images)

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