Marketplace AM for October 16, 2006

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Yahoo vs. Google

Host Scott Jagow talks to Newsweek Magazine's Wall Street Editor Allan Sloan about the differences between two of Silicon Valley's biggest titans: Yahoo and Google.
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Big business goes small-town

Google recently set up shop in a tiny town in Oregon. David Welch looks at what attracted the Internet giant to the rural locale — and whether the move is part of a larger trend.

Cleaner diesel fuel is here

Today strict new standards for diesel fuel take effect at the pump. And the new and improved fuel could create a ripple of fuel-efficiency in the auto industry, Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Did Chavez go too far?

Today the UN votes on a new member for its Security Council. Hugo Chavez has spent all his political capital — and a whole lot of cash — to win the vote for Venezuela. But his fiery rhetoric may have backfired, Dan Grech reports.
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Sir Paul <SUP>TM</SUP>

Sir Paul McCartney has applied to trademark his name. Estimates put his profit potential near a billion dollars. And as Diantha Parker reports, it ain't just music he's hoping to cash in on.

Tax day for Katrina victims

Today is the deadline for Katrina victims to file their tax returns. Charla Bear takes a look at how well the plan to let them take advantage of special tax credits has worked.

Gotta pay those taxes

This week in 1931, one of the country's most infamous crime lords is taken out &mdash; by the taxman. Stacey Vanek-Smith takes us Back to Business, our look at the history of all things economic.

Bringing up Airbus

The German government wants to step in and help troubled Airbus and its parent company EADS, but the company wants to maintain autonomy, Kyle James reports.
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Ecuador goes bananas

A radical leftist was expected to win Ecuador's presidential election Sunday, but a pro-business banana billionaire came from behind to force a November runoff &mdash; and he'll be the frontrunner. Dan Grech reports.
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